December, a cool damp day at Overhill!

It is still early. The whippets are roaming quietly between the new chook pens on a mild wet morning. There is always a chance one bird will fly out. They are banned from the puppy room/my bedroom where I am writing. Ertha would be upset to have anyone other than Gerald in here. They are biding their time till they can get back where they love to come.

In the last few weeks one by one, Cam, Kimber and Mara have come down on the farm with me and stayed close. They may realise that to be invited through the main gate to the lower area that they have to do this, rather than streaking off in search of rabbits. If there are several whippets they behave as a pack and their whole preoccupation is with hunting.

Just now the snakes are active. I have put nine of the weaned calves into the bush paddocks into order to keep them cool and get the grass there eaten down. But there is a trickle of water from the main dam which is an attraction for snakes. I am always pleased when all calves are accounted for. And of course to have the whippets are back at the house, undamaged.

Gerald who goes everywhere with me, may have been bitten at the end of December 2012. He spent a couple of days over the New Year being rehydrated at the vet's and has had a few visits there since. He looked ill in July and has been on some heart medication since August. He is looking well on it. He has been a marvellous runner and lean in the past. Now he is looking hefty with about three kilograms more than in earlier days.

Anna, his half sister who visits here often has certainly been bitten by snakes twice, and amasingly, recovered well. They are both about ten yo.

By Christmas there will be three grandchildren staying and their excitement will delight all the whippets. Jilli is a great favourite. And Cam and Mara are new since they were last here. One challenge will be to ensure that the children do not let the whippets into the paddock with Finnegan, the donkey who will chase them round and may kick them, or the children if they are in the wrong place at the time. The whippets will sleep with the children if they are allowed. Jilli will have pride of place with anyone who can persuade her to come to them.

By then the pups will be nearly four weeks, on the move in a quiet way, and Ertha will be less anxious to keep other whippets away. She will be matron-in-charge and they will know this.

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Hello Elizabeth

I bought Abi last year, she is currently at my feet under the doona! Do u have any puppies available ? Pauline 0477074839

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