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Written by OBAT HERBAL KISTA BARTHOLIN on 12. Nov, 2018
Written by Rob on 22. Jul, 2015

Hi Elizabeth, hurley is doing great and is very healthy :-) I honestly don't think that this dog can bark he is soooo quiet, loves people and knows how to sit, shake hands and lay down, veeeery easy dog to train! I have been living close to a beach so he has LOTS of exercise as you can see in the picture by his muscles. Once again thank you for the opportunity to buy such a well bred dog
Written by Roni Egan on 11. May, 2014
Beautiful dogs living such a wonderful life at Overhill! Thank you Elizabeth for our 2 lovely whippets - Jack and Ertha. They keep us on our toes, but also are the best company ever and have given us so many laughs, smiles and only a whippet could!
Written by Elizabeth on 3. Dec, 2013
Jenny, the email has bounced.
Would you phone me again please.
Written by Caitlyn Hunter on 16. Apr, 2013
Hi Liz,
Hope all is well!!
Rupert is doing fabulous although he can be a terror haha but what puppy isnt! we start pre-school tonight and i cant wait too watch him be social with all the other puppies!! he gets his 3rd vaccinations next week, we cant wait to take him out and about! He has become such an important and much loved member of our family and we cannot imagine life without him..

the picture attached is Rupert at 14 weeks
Written by Nick and Barbara on 4. Feb, 2013
Hi Liz
It was great seeing our new pup (Jilli II (Jill) she will make an adorable friend to our Jack and will heal the pain of our loss of our beautiful Whippet - Wynter
Thanks for your time and generosity.
Written by Nichole on 30. Jan, 2013
Hi Elizabeth
Thank you so much for letting us visit your pups yesterday. They are all beautiful, and we are all so excited about our little pup.

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Hello Elizabeth

I bought Abi last year, she is currently at my feet under the doona! Do u have any puppies available ? Pauline 0477074839

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